Thank you Simple Programmer!

Hello world,

Today I want to give special thanks to Simple Programmer for creating the blogging course that helped me start my own blog. Seriously, I’m not sure when or if I had gotten around to it if it weren’t for this email course. I would seriously recommend it to anyone who wants to start his or her own blog. You can find the course here. Oh, and did I mention it is absolutely FREE?

As you may or may not have noticed already, I am writing this blog post in English. Somehow it just seemed fitting. The blogging course is in English, Simple Programmer is in English as well, and although John Sonmez, the founder of Simple Programmer, is a very smart man, I don’t think he has gotten around to learning Dutch yet.

About the course: This course will help you through the entire process of setting up your blog, from coming up with a theme to writing your first blog post to actually getting people to read it. Along the way you will get valuable advice for what to write about, how to come up with ideas and how to stay consistent.

About Simple Programmer: Well, you can go and look at the about page yourself here. But In short, it is a website dedicated to helping software developers, programmers and other IT professionals improve their careers and live better lives. But in all honesty, this website doesn’t just help programmers and IT professionals, it helps anyone who reads it. I have also followed John Sonmez on Youtube for quite some time now and he gives plenty of good free advice there too. So if you are interested in that, go check by clicking on any one of the previous links I so painstakingly scattered throughout this post for you.

I know I have given you a lot of links and praise now. It is because I really think it is good content, I am not getting paid for this or anything.

I wish!

That is all for now.

Until next time!



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